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Gcalls Plus Extension

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最后更新时间 : 2019-12-17

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版本 : 2.0.2

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Enhance productivity with Click-to-call function on your customer database page.

With Gcalls Plus Extension, agents can make calls right on your CRM, Helpdesk's database page just by one click without dialing customers’number. How convenient!

Gcalls Plus Extension attempts to make life easier for your telesales, sales and customer service team. Now all they need to do is to go to the database site (CRM, Helpdesk), click the numbers and use their very work computer to speak to clients. This helps to save time per call made and hence increase productivity.

What is more, user experience is the thing that we care most about. You can minimize the call popup or freely move it. All your call logs, notes and reminders will be saved and displayed on our full app version (our web-based app Gcalls Webphone and mobile app Gcalls Plus). This helps managers and agents to manage their call and interaction data. 

We have integrated the extension with several CRM and Helpdesk platforms. They are not what you are using? Don't worry! Contact us at (+84)898587099 or email sales@gcalls.co. Let us complete your call center solution.
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