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Tab Memory Saver is a Tab Suspender to make your computer run faster and smoother. This Tab Suspender is freeing memory on low power machines to reduce chrome's memory footprint. 

Tab Suspender extension automatically unload (kill/hibernate) inactive tabs.

When there are too many open tabs, your browser needs to keep their data in memory; besides, background scripts are always running. Using this extension you can define a custom time-period for inactive tabs to go to hibernate state and hence do no use memory or any kind of resources at all.

Chrome can take a good amount of memory of your personal computer when you have opend a lot of tabs.
These tabs take memory, that is need for other task and these unused tabs can slow down your computer.

Tab Memory Saver suspends tabs after a specific amount of time (standard is 1 hour) and you can unsuspend this tab later again.
A suspended tab doesn't use any memory, becaue chrome doesn't have to keep the html, images, javascript and many things more in the memory.

We try to improve this extension over time, some things like pdf suspension or flash files don't work as expected or wished by us. Keep tuned
We will inform you about updates and new features.

This extension is not affiliated or related an in any way to other extension that do the same thing or Google. Its and independent extension with an independent developer (me). Some parts are used under GPL which are stated in the source code files. Thanks.

Parts of Tab Suspender, Tab Suspender (Memory Saver), The Great Suspender, Tiny Suspender, The Great Discarder, TooManyTabs for Chrome. 

Full code is available under: / http://᠎memory᠎saver᠎.com
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