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Kynetx for Google Chrome

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最后更新时间 : 2012-12-28

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版本 : 2.2.0

Kynetx for Google Chrome gives you control of your browsing experience with whole new levels of functionality on the sites you already use like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and more. It's like Greasemonkey, only evolved for the new Web. This single extension lets you add endless apps that will enhance the way you browse and use the Internet.

Once you have this extension installed, visit to get your own apps.

Here's just a sampling of the growing list some of the apps:

 - Google+ - See who has removed you from their circles
 - PeerIndex - See PeerIndex profile information on Twitter and other sites.
 - UnfriendFinder - Ever wonder who has dumped you on Facebook? UnfriendFinder will tell you!
 - HoverMe - Shows you social profile information on Twitter. Profile data from Qwerly.
 - Foul Facebook Filter - Remove foul language from your Facebook feed.
 - Personal Blocklist - Filter out spam and useless domains from search results on Bing, Yahoo and Google.
 - LinkedIn Like - Now you can Facebook Like any company you find on LinkedIn.
 - TomatoFlix - See Rotten Tomatoes ratings for any movie on Netflix and IMDB.
 - LikePlus - See how many Facebook Likes search results have on Yahoo!, Bing and Goog.e
 - YouTube Refreshed - YouTube as it was meant to be, remove the clutter so you can easily focus on the videos.
 - Old-school ReTweet - Miss the old ReTweet button on Twitter? Now you can easily ReTweet in classic style.
 - Klout - See Klout scores of tweeps while looking through your Twitter stream.
 - Empire Avenue - Creates links for ticker symbols in your Twitter stream

Get Kynetx for Chrome and then browse the list of apps at

Read the Kynetx Privacy policy here:

Kynetx FAQs can be found here:
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