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DealDash Reviews - Tools to Win

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DealDash Reviews auction tracking won't actually need to even look up a single review for DealDash after you use this.  In fact, you'll be leaving your own winning review!  Most people are only looking for a review of DealDash because they haven't yet won an auction.  This free software will make doing that a thousand times easier since you'll be able to see how many bids each and every bidder has placed on an auction (from the time you arrive at it forward).

To use this software just open up any auction on DealDash.  In the bidder history of the auction where it shows the last 10 bidders, you'll now see a new number to the right of each bidders username.  That new number is the number of bids the user has placed on the auction since you arrived at it.  Leave the auction and it stops counting.  Stay on the auction for as long as you like, even without looking at the screen, and you can see the total number of bids placed by every single bidder.  This is critical information as you know who's serious about the auction and who the "casual passersby" are.

Stop looking for a review of DealDash, start winning auctions and then start leaving your own 5 star reviews!
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