Multiple Tools for Facebook插件

Multiple Tools for Facebook

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最后更新时间 : 2019-07-31

分类 : 社交通讯

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版本 : 6.0.5

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Facebook tools to help users with a few things:
1. Profile Picture Guard: to prevent others from stealing Profile Picture.
2. Privacy Changer: change privacy of your posts in bulk on personal Facebook.
3. Interaction Scanner: scan interaction of friends on personal Facebook wall.
4. Messages Counter: count messages between you and your friends!
5. Download message history!
6. Friends Remover: Remove friends with ease.
7. Check to see who's online/idle.
8. Find and remove deactivated friends.
9. Generate a 2018 Annual Report that show 2018 analytics.
10. Block "seen" from Facebook chat to prevent others from knowing you have seen messages.
11. Block typing indicator when you are typing a messages.
12. Block delivery mark, so people won't know if messages are delivered (If you use Messenger App on Mobile, this may not work).

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