Dr Sonam Kabra - Psychology Counsellor

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Dr Sonam Kabra an psychologist, graphologist, psychology counsellor, marriage, career counselling, handwriting & signature analyst

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Dr Sonam Kabra an psychologist, graphologist, psychology counsellor, marriage, career counselling, handwriting & signature analyst. People usually come to psychological counselling when talking to friends and families proves not to be enough. Having someone to talk to who is not directly involved in your particular circumstances can make a real difference. Psychological counsellors are trained in the art of listening and have skills to help you explore your concerns, to help you make sense of complex issues and to find a way forwards. Psychological counsellors work with individuals, couples and groups (such as families). All counselling work is, of course, completely confidential. What kinds of problems can it help? Psychological counselling is able to help with a broad range of individual and social problems. Many people find it helpful when faced with difficult stages in their normal life cycle such as career changes, loss and bereavement or crisis points in relationships. Others look to psychological counselling to help alleviate distress whether from pressures of living or through longstanding problems which have proved resistant to change. Psychological counsellors are trained in modern psychological methods to help you resolve fears, panics and anxieties, and to help you break through depression or other forms of sadness. Personal problems can have a way of taking over. You might find yourself repeating the same old pattern, or you might feel stuck and uncertain what, if anything you could change. Why suffer Sometimes having someone to talk to is all that it takes to cope. Like all counsellors I try to be a good listener. More than this, as a psychological counsellor my first priority is to help you find strategies to deal with the immediate problem concerning you, and then to help you discover how you can change things for the better. Psychological Counselling is especially suitable to help you: - handle crises in relationships - deal with stress and other pressures - resolve fears, panics and anxieties - cope with continuing family problems - work through difficult decisions - break through depression and sadness Psychological counselling is not confined, though, to helping people cope with difficulties. Other benefits to be gained include developing creativity, self-expression and finding pathways to self-discovery. By exploring past and present circumstances you can open up to new possibilities, and take control of your lifestyle. Find yourself and be yourself. Psychological Counselling can help enable you to: - develop more fulfilling relationships - bring out your creativity and self-expression - learn to assert your own needs - renew a sense of purpose in your life - find paths to self-discovery - feel happier within yourself Sessions can be timed flexibly to suit your particular circumstances (e.g. occasional sessions, or weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions). Psychological counselling sessions are 45-50 minutes long. Contact Dr Sonam Kabra @ http://www.sonamkabra.com email: talk@sonamkabra.com


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