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Discount Travel Fundraiser

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Want to know if making money with fundraisers can be done by anyone in a more modern way?  For any reason?

Now, you've actually just found the answer.

You can finally utilize a method and product that everybody will use.  Saving money on hotel and travel expenses.

Now just say NO to "car washes"... "garage sales"... "junk food sales"... "candy sales"... or other "old fashioned" method of fundraising.

Learn how you can easily make money with the Discount Travel Fundraiser.  

Formulated by a real Fundraising Expert for use by... 

A. Any Nonprofit Group, Charity, Club, Church, Association, School Organization, Booster Club or Ministry.  Small to Large national organizations are welcome to apply.

B. For anybody - beginners to pros - wanting to make money by helping nonprofits and charities raise funds to help their mission.  We call you a Fundrasing Advisor. You choose to be a Distributor for free or make more as an Affiliate (nominal fee).

C. Businesses that want to fund their favorite charity or mission work.

Free fundraising ebook... 'How To Conduct A Discount Travel Fundraiser' easily walks you through it all.

Install this extension and begin on a Modern Day Fundraising Journey with us where you will stay updated and learn how to Raise Money and Make Money the easy modern way.
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