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最后更新时间 : 2017-03-28

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版本 : 2.1

First and foremost, memosnag is 100% FREE

The memosnag extension lets you quickly save what you line online.
This includes: bookmarking webpages, saving individual images, videos, text and links all with a single click.

People use memosnag to save content they like or need. For example:
- To save and share gift ideas.
- To create a shopping list of products they find online.
- To save articles, images and webpages when they organize a vacation with friends or to organize a wedding.
- To save and organize articles for a school research.
- Real Estate Agents use it to create collections of houses to present to their clients together with articles and information about the neighborhood, school district, restaurants and so on.

How does it work?
Highlight some text on an article, blog or any other webpage. The memosnag icon appears at the end of your selection. Click it. The text selected is instantly saved.
Mouse over images. A small memosnag icon appears in the top right or left corner. Click it. The image is instantly saved.
It works on videos too (youtube, vimeo and others)!!!

Where are my snags saved?
All your snags are saved on the cloud and are accessible through your memosnag account, across devices. From there you can create collections to organize your snags. You can make collection public, keep them private or share them with selected friends for collaboration or just for fun.

The possibilities are limitless. memosnag makes it easy to save, organize and share the online content you actually care about!

Get the memosnag extension now. Remember, it's free.
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