G6 - Social Selling App from Grapevine6 插件

G6 - Social Selling App from Grapevine6

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最后更新时间 : 2019-09-04

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The G6 app automatically discovers the best content for you to post to social media. Using advanced AI you can discover the most relevant and valuable articles and schedule them to post in one touch. There’s no setup required, just sign in with your social accounts to get started. Build your personal brand in minutes a week with the G6 app from Grapevine6.

For sales professionals, G6 creates the conversations that advance your sales pipeline and help you meet quota. For financial advisors, G6 helps you connect and build relationships with your clients and prospects. For entrepreneurs, G6 engages your audience with relevant content when you don’t have time to write your own.

Grapevine6 for enterprise also adds marketing curated content and content engagement reporting. With G6 for enterprise, marketing can enable a social selling program by listening to sales conversations and predicting the content that will influence conversion. Enterprise clients also get access to the multilingual Grapevine6 content engine to share content in their audience’s native language.


No setup, just sign in with Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
One touch sharing and scheduling.
Full control of your brand at the topic level.
Thousands of sources, millions of articles.
Engagement reporting to track your audience interests.
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