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最后更新时间 : 2019-07-08

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The toolbox for collective organization that we've inherited is failing us in the internet age. The shops of today have no physical location for us protest in front of. The labor we provide is too subtle and diffuse for us to even recognize it. Platform economies don't facilitate the community that made striking easier.

izens.net is our attempt to change that. Our browser extension allows you to participate in one or more unions. These unions can, if they decide that a company or organization has misbehaved, decide to:

- Warn their members with a banner when they visit a website
- Block the website for a period of time - i.e., a boycott
- Send the website a request indicating the reasons for protesting

If you visit a page that has such a policy, you'll be informed as to why. You'll also find a link to the discussion that led to that policy. You can always participate in those discussions, or propose new policies.

To find a union and start using the extension, checkout the list of available unions on our website: https://izens.net/. To add a union (listed or not), open the extension's popup (by clicking on the icon) and copy the link to your union's policy file (e.g., our sample policy could be used by copying the following link into the input field: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NetizensAssociation/picket/master/policy.sample.json). The extension will thereafter block or warn you of any websites that don't conform to the union's expectations.

To create your own union, you can find instructions here: https://github.com/izens-net/union-template. These instructions will generate a policy file that can then be used by your union members.

Happy picketing!
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