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- Main action (click on the chrome extension bar icon): moves all tabs in the current window when you press the Chrome Tab Tools icon in the chrome extension bar. The list of URLs to ignore when compacting tabs can be configured.
- Right click menu: Opens all linked images in separate tabs. When clicking on selected text: Opens all links in the selected text/area.
- Background action (auto): De-duplicates tabs - whenever you open a page you have already opened, the previous instance is closed. Configurable.
- Background action (auto): Removes social media junk from URLs - things that social media platforms attach to the URLs to track the source of your content. It does that by discarding the search strings in your URL that begin with certain key-words (like utm_ or fbclid). The list is configurable
- Background action (auto): Image viewer enhancements: configurable background for single-image tabs. Based on an idea found in the center-image add-in. Configurable.
- Referer removal - remove referer for designated sites.
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    Bogdan Constantinescu - avatar
  • Bogdan Constantinescu


  • 2019年02月20日
  • Nic extension but I already found something that I would want to be configurable. (I open a lot of Quora tabs and Quora after processing the story id redirects back to and if I open all my digest in new tabs I end up having only the last one - since they all have just "" as a url after said redirect). I tried finding the extension on github but apparently it's not there. Could you make a public repository that we can add contributions to (or just add issues)? Thanks.
  • Victor Jalbă-Șoimaru - avatar
  • Victor Jalbă-Șoimaru


  • 2019年02月10日
  • Great for productivity. It's the little things that really matter the most!
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