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  • Number google search results
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Shows a number in front of google search results!
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    Dhivya Ajai - avatar
  • Dhivya Ajai


  • 2018年12月12日
  • This extension is not working now in chrome. But it was working fine before.
  • AR15 GTA - avatar
  • AR15 GTA


  • 2018年10月23日
  • If it still worked I would give it 5 stars. Its not anything complex but the ingenuity alone is 5 stars. Surprisingly, something this simple has no alternatives. I do not mean simple in a condescending way. maybe it takes a lot of time to do something simple. But I don't review extensions or anything right away. I like to give some time to get familiar with the extension so My review is accurate. It worked every time and then all of a sudden it stopped working. Maybe another app is conflicting with it. I figured out another extension that was cutting off my context menu and not showing the entire menu. So I am assuming that is the case. Somebody told me then before I figured that out while I was searching for an answer that the programmers purposely mess it up after a while for not sending donations. But benefit of the doubt overrules making that a mere conspiracy.
  • Ian Olden - avatar
  • Ian Olden


  • 2018年10月03日
  • I find it very useful especially in checking our ranking in Google Search. But in the latest version of chrome, the extension is no more working.
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