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Tired of offensive comments on your favorite social networks and media sites? Behave! allows you to set a level of toxicity you are willing to tolerate and replaces comments that exceed it with graphical emojis.

You are able to unhide any comment and read it. Don’t like it? Hide it again. You are in control now.

Click the Behave! icon in the Chrome toolbar and use a slider to pick the toxicity level according to your current mood.

Behave! works on:
- YouTube
- Reddit
- Twitter

English is the only supported language at the moment.

Behave! is proudly developed by ARGH! Team and is available under Apache 2.0 license on GitHub at

More information about Behave! is available at
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  • Justin Folger


  • 2017年08月30日
  • Installed, relaunched, basically does nothing. Hides everything, or nothing, depending on how you adjust. Found the usual nasty Youtube comment section with plenty of n-words, f-words, and this plugin failed to do anything. Great idea, poor execution.
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