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Intended to help you binge all the videos from a channel oldest to newest easily & simply

1)Go to the Videos tab of a channel
2)Sort by "Date added (oldest)"
3)Play the oldest video
4)Click the extension icon or Alt+P keyboard shortcut

This gets you to YouTube's auto-generated User List playlist in chronological order.

Don't worry if the current video number is always 20 or doesn't look right, it will still play oldest to newest
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    jec - avatar
  • jec


  • 2019年01月23日
  • works perfectly and easily as of january 23rd 2019! i hope the author maintains this extension because as we all know, youtube devs try their darndest to break youtube and make it as user unfriendly as possible
  • Dan Brunet - avatar
  • Dan Brunet


  • 2019年01月13日
  • Amazing Extension! Super easy to use! The nice thing about this extension is that it works within YouTube so you can still see what videos you've watched. Rather than having to paste a link of the playlist in some other website that will generate the playlist for you and then having to watch the videos through their site. This extension is a hidden gem! Disappointing that YouTube/Google doesn't have this basic feature anymore. They gave some weird reason about ranking the videos in order of what they think you would enjoy watching first. What I want to watch is the oldest to the newest! Not your suggestion! Hence the reason I sorted it from oldest to newest! Just make a "YouTube Recommended List" in the "Sort By" list you maniacs! Okay, enough ranting. As you can clearly see, this extension has saved me crazy amounts of frustration!
  • Rob Perry - avatar
  • Rob Perry


  • 2019年01月11日
  • Didn't seem to work within a playlist. I click the icon at any video and it loads all the channels uploads rather than what is in the specific playlist. Bad for specific shows or lineups within a larger channel that has other content.
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