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Pan(w)achrome is a little Chrome extension that can be used to extract and chart real-time statistics from Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls.

What's New in
- support for DP with 48 cores
- support for PAN-OS 9
- fixed a problem with DB mgmt. Please remove and reinstall the extension if you see high disk usage from the old versions of this extension (a key IndexedDB API was removed from Chrome)

What's New in
- support for PAN-OS 7.1.2+

What's New in
- support for PA-7050
- support for PAN-OS 6.1
- support for sw tags descriptor on VM-Series
- support for monitoring an unlicensed VM-Series
- moved legend to nw

What's New in 0.7.1
- all the DPs on PA-5000 are shown in the Resources page (requires 5.0.9+ or 6.0+)
- global counters table now supports sorting and filtering
- advanced stats in session page (states, unknown sessions, decrypted sessions)
- per-VSYS count in session page
- interface hardware errors
- jobs notifications can be filtered
- doesn't prompt multiple times for an already monitored device
- some UI improvement here and there

*** Pan(w)achrome is a free Chrome extension and is not an official product of, or endorsed by Palo Alto Networks. ***
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    Rich Huang - avatar
  • Rich Huang


  • 2018年01月31日
  • Paloalto Plug-in
  • Joshua Hanley - avatar
  • Joshua Hanley


  • 2018年03月22日
  • This is handy and awesome. Is there a way to turn off certain/all notifications, though? I don't need to see a Chrome popup notification for every WildFire job.
  • Michael Meyer - avatar
  • Michael Meyer


  • 2017年12月21日
  • Only allows Admin account to add firewalls. What about admin level users that want to view statistics of firewalls?
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