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FastAccess Face Recognition Web Login for Chrome

This Chrome extension enables FastAccess Anywhere Face Recognition to securely manage your website passwords and automatically log you in to websites with your face. Or, you can choose to protect your existing Chrome password vault with face recognition.

The extension is FREE but requires FastAccess Anywhere v5 for Windows to already be purchased and installed. 

Try FastAccess here:

Purchase FastAccess here: 

FastAccess Anywhere is the world's best and fastest face recognition. Available for Windows, Android, and Apple iOS. 

To learn more, watch the videos to the left and visit:
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  • 2017年09月25日
  • Software sees me and logs in, however the software's activation is counter intuitive. The knowledge base say no activation code is required and that the software will automatically activate itself, yet the software says one day is left on the trial version and provides a process to enter the activation code Sensible Vision supposedly provided, which it did not actually do because none ever arrived and the KB says it won't. Looks like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. If their activation process is crewed up, how can I count on the application's security to be top-notch? Hardly a confidence builder.
  • Antoinette Kilburn - avatar
  • Antoinette Kilburn


  • 2017年01月17日
  • It works, but it takes too long to 'Face Recognition' not only at first use but always. I find it faster for me to type password and get going...
  • Mike Igwonobe - avatar
  • Mike Igwonobe


  • 2017年01月03日
  • Waist of my time using the App. Slowing the process down, not operational as indicated and Need more research and development before publishing.I Will not recommend it to no one.
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