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Ever been browsing all the great art on FurAffinity and come across something you didn't like?  Yeah, me too.  So I made this.

Welcome to Filter Affinity!

It filters out content based on artist names and keywords in the submission titles and short descriptions on the Home, Browse, Gallery and Search pages. If you wish to always display artwork by a certain artist, their names can be whitelisted to do just that.

Hovering over a submission thumbnail will show a Add/Remove option box. Clicking the plus(+) symbol adds the artist's name to the filter list automatically. Clicking the minus(-) symbol removes the artist from the filter list.

You can also filter by the submission rating, and even just block out the entire submission or just hide the thumbnail!  Easy!

No longer worry about scarring your eyes with material you'd rather not stumble across.  Try out Filter Affinity today!
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    Jasuchin Faron - avatar
  • Jasuchin Faron


  • 106 天前
  • Not what I was hoping for, sadly, seeing as the content I'd hoped to filter out uses tags, not the titles.
  • Joshua - avatar
  • Joshua


  • 2017年05月24日
  • I like this but is it possible to filter stuff in there gallery when your on there page? also is it possible to block there tags and the "Type" of picture it is?
  • Shade, the Raven Witch - avatar
  • Shade, the Raven Witch


  • 2017年02月01日
  • Broken, broken, broken. The icon is permanently greyed out on the Chrome toolbar, so I can't access it to change settings. Even tried removing it and restoring it, but it didn't fix anything.
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