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This extension is designed to spoof and obfuscate information that can be used to uniquely fingerprint your browser.  While not as precise as cookies, browser fingerprinting is a powerful method to track your movements across the web and can be used to build a profile of your activity.  This CyDec Platform extension stops that by giving you a unique fingerprint on every web request beyond just changing the user-agent string.  This is just a small piece of the CyDec Platform.
The full Cyber Deception Platform is a collection of easy-to-use deception capabilities designed to protect your system and your privacy.  The CyDec Platform provides spoofing across all levels of network communications from MAC address all the way to browser operations through an installable agent and these browser extensions.

When this extension is used in conjunction with the CyDec Platform Windows service, additional options are available to finely tune your system fingerprint.

More information can be found at

It's important to note that some sites may break due to the deception.

-Fixed issues with Chrome 72 update.
-Other bug fixes.

-Bug fix.

-Added protections against audio fingerprints.
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  • 2019年01月12日
  • Maybe it's better to provide a function of changing global spoof settings. Once user agent is disabled, many sites can't be loaded correctly and I need to change every site setting one by one.
  • Richard Bailey - avatar
  • Richard Bailey


  • 2018年12月19日
  • It hardly did anything at all. I tested against Panopticlick, and got the following results even though all spook settings were turned on: NO change to User Agent HTTP_ACCEPT Headers were changed by inserting random characters Screen Details NOT changed Time Details (timezone) NOT changed Audio - not tested by Panopticlick Canvas fingerprint NOT changed WebGL fingerprint NOT changed In addition, the System Fonts list was not changed.
  • Kevin - avatar
  • Kevin


  • 2018年08月02日
  • Works flawlessly. Could use an update to the overall usability and simplicity of the functionality, but overall a really nice extension. Great job, devs!
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