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Do you have several bookmarks that you find are constantly occupying open tabs? Do you wish you could save your progress on a webcomic or a or TV show without  going through the long and arduous process of deleting the previous bookmark, creating a new one, and placing it in the appropriate folder? Look no further than Bookmark Changer (name subject to change)! 
With bookmark changer, the user can select a bookmark, or even an entire folder of bookmarks that is constantly getting updated and easily update any of the bookmarks with two clicks of the mouse.
Bookmark Changer (name subject to change) is GLT WebDev's first product and is coming to you for the generous price of FREE. That's right. This company is out for the little guy -- Because, believe it or not, at one point we were just like the common folk who will use this application.
---------- USAGE INSTRUCTIONS ----------
1. If this is your first time using this app, go to settings. If you have already initialized your preferences, only click settings to change them.

2. In settings, search for bookmarks and/or entire folders to add to the bookmarks that you are constantly changing
    - If click Clear All to reset your preferences to no bookmarks.

    - Type a bookmark or folder name into the search bar to find bookmarks or folders you want to add

    - By clicking on a button with the desired bookmark or folder name, you add that bookmark to your preferences. 

3. Once you have selected them, the extension is set up. Any time you need to update a bookmark, click on the blue pentagon icon next to the search bar and select which bookmark you'd like to change. It will now have the url of whichever tab you are currently on.
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    Jawad Sabra - avatar
  • Jawad Sabra


  • 172 days ago
  • Love it, exactly what I was looking for.
  • Eduardo Bravo - avatar
  • Eduardo Bravo


  • Jun 18, 2016
  • Best app ever changed my life and got me all the qurls and now I am POTUS thanks Obilly