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This extension will instantly display (via Chrome Notification) the current time, time zone, and location for any US/Canada area code, or for any country calling code.

Using your cursor, highlight an area code or country calling code to display the local time. Click on the notification to see the Wikipedia article on the location.

Great for sales, support, and heavy phone users!

You can also perform quick Google Search for any highlighted term - simply press and hold the ALT key, use the cursor to highlight the text you wish to search on Google, then release your click while still holding ALT. (You may release ALT after the search is performed.) You may disable this in settings.

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Privacy and Use of Data - 9/6/2017

ChronoMouse collects anonymous usage data to help improve features and performance. This anonymous data is not shared or sold.

ChronoMouse uses some cookies to help improve the experience. It does not have access to, neither does it store, personal information. The data stored in the cookies is strictly to enhance certain features and maintain proper functioning of the application.
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    Mark Knowler - avatar
  • Mark Knowler


  • 115 天前
  • My only complaint is that I wish when you clicked on the extension to launch it, it would automatically place your cursor in the field where you can type in the area code. Instead, you have to click the extension, then click the text field, then type. Considering that's the main function of the extension, it should default your cursor there. Other than that, it's a handy little tool.
  • Karen Brown - avatar
  • Karen Brown


  • 171 天前
  • works well for the most part, but the time zone message stay on the screen for far to long. You have to wait 5 seconds or for it to go away an scan a new number, but only takes 1 second to read. pretty annoying and can google the information faster.
  • Timothy Shane - avatar
  • Timothy Shane


  • 2018年11月20日
  • Bang-a-RANG! Stops me from googling area codes so I don't wake people up in the wrong time zone, or call during dinner.
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