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Introducing Distrelec Assistant. This lightweight Chrome Extension allows you to search Distrelec vast assortment of products, from anywhere on the web.

Once in installed into Google Chrome, the Distrelec Assistant can be opened with a single click, giving you keyword and right-click contextual search capabilities, no matter where you are on the web.

There are three ways to search using the Distrelec Assistant. One, you can enter a search term and hit search to search Distrelec for that specific term. Two, you can enter a search term and select a relevant category, suggested to you by the Assistant. Three, you can highlight keywords, part numbers or technical values on any website, right click and select 'Search on Distrelec.

Your search history is saved so you can quickly refer back to a previous search with a s ingle click. We've also added useful quick-links to our new products section and our BOM Import Tool.

We hope you find this extension useful and invite you to leave your comments in the Assistants built-in feedback area.
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