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This Chrome extension processes Google Scholar results pages to identify journals identified as being predatory or questionable by Jeffrey Beall,

Though we in the academic community have been aware of this problem for some time, it was this New York Times article ( that spurred this extension.

Results listed as being from journals on the list are made less opaque and given a grey background.

By default, only what Google gives us in the HTML, which leads to imperfect matching if they choose to omit the full journal name.

There is an icon in the Omnibar (where the URL is) on all Google Scholar pages; if you click that icon, this extension will also download the BibTeX for all the results on the page and filter journals based on that much better data. Two important notes:
1. This requires that in your settings, you set "Show Links to import citations" to "BibTeX".
2. Use this at your own discretion; Google's Terms of Service prohibit automatic crawling of their site, and if you download too many citations you WILL be automatically detected as a bot and blocked from Google Scholar.  Use the feature carefully. 
3. To not abuse Google's servers, requests for the BibTeX files are delayed by randomized amounts of minimum .5 seconds, up to 1.5 seconds.

Feature Wish List

- Ability to edit the blacklist
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