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Product Description:
BOOL was designed to enable you to plan and execute smarter searches online. Whether you are searching for people or concepts, this tool will allow you to locate your target with the precision of a marksman.

How to Perform A Search:
1.	Build a Boolean table of AND(blue), OR(green), and NOT(red) rows/columns by clicking the respective buttons.
2.	Populate the Boolean table by grouping similar search criteria into the same column. Add the required criteria to the blue and green rows (AND and OR) and the unrequired criteria to the red rows(NOT).
3.	Choose the desired search engine, website (for X-ray searches) or filetype.
4.	Your Boolean string is built instantly
5.	Run a Google search or save to clipboard

Target Audience:
•	All internet users. Specifically, those interested in saving time when performing online searches by giving specific instructions to the search engine using Boolean logic and other advance search techniques. 
•	Recruiters who are interested in building Boolean search strings or performing X-ray searches of LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook more efficiently.

Try BOOLIO( for more advanced search options.

Contact the Developer:
For bug reports, consultations, collaboration, or general inquiry, please send all emails to
To learn more about Scope Research and Consulting (SRC) and other products, visit:
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    Bryan Stark - avatar
  • Bryan Stark


  • 2018年04月20日
  • it will allow you to build search strings then copy it to the clip board then search for those strings in google
  • Leigh Cofrin - avatar
  • Leigh Cofrin


  • 2017年06月27日
  • Great product
  • Biron Clark - avatar
  • Biron Clark


  • 2016年03月11日
  • Great product!
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