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This extension intends to simplify decision making wherever when you choose to buy a product. It can also be used to quickly figure out if a product is available online for sale or not. For instance, if you are on an online service and would like to see the price in the amazon.com, you can simply select the product name on the page and then open the popup to compare these product prices while browsing. There is no need to open additional browser tab just to check a simple price anymore.

How to use this extension:
After installation, you will get a toolbar button. When you need to search for a product, just select the product name on the current page, and open the popup. The extension automatically redirects you to the search page of amazon.com. If there is no query selected in the current page, the extension brings the search field for you.

Note that this extension is not related nor supported by Amazon. It is an independent project aims to simplify amazon.com usage.
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