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  • Last Update : Oct 25, 2018
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KEYNTO is a team password manager and data vault with powerful sharing features especially designed for small businesses and organisations.
Securely store, protect and manage website logins, credit card data, passwords, PIN numbers, secure notes, bank account details and other sensitive data.

KEYNTO utilises the most secure encryption technologies available today. Double server (AES-256, RSA 4096 bits, key deviation Bcrypt) and client (AES-256, RSA 1024-4096 bits, key deviation PBKDF2) encryption ensure that all your sensitive data is fully secure.

KEYNTO is perfect for personal and team usage. We have designed advanced sharing features to allow easy and secure sharing of data among users or groups in the same way you are used to with files on the most popular cloud services.
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  • Sep 26, 2017
  • Maybe I'm missing something but this extension seems to only have 2 features. Random password generation, and auto form fill. I don't even see options to log me into websites using credentials I've saved. Isn't that the whole point!? Also, no android app makes this all pointless.