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Defenestration lets you define custom keyboard shortcuts for common window and tab operations. This uses Chrome's built-in support for shortcuts, meaning they work everywhere, robustly. Similar extensions inject keyboard handler code directly into every web page you open, which is unreliable and doesn't work in blank tabs or non-HTML files.

As a Linux user, I made this plugin so I could use Alt bindings rather than Windows-like Ctrl bindings.  But you can use it for whatever you want.

Assign keyboard shortcuts by clicking "Keyboard Shortcuts" at the very bottom of the "Extensions" page found under "More Tools". Or just click the Defenestration icon.

Here's the full list of operations you can bind:

* Close Window
* Duplicate Tab
* Focus Next Tab
* Focus Previous Tab
* Focus Other Window
* Mute/Unmute Tab
* Unmute Tab
* Mute All Audible Tabs
* New Tab
* Open Downloads
* Open Extensions
* Open History
* Open Settings
* Pin Tab
* Reload
* Reload Bypassing Cache
* Reopen Closed Tab
* Move Tab Left
* Move Tab Right
* Move Tab To New Window
* Move Tab To Other Window
* Full Screen
* New Window
* New Incognito Window
* Zoom In
* Zoom Out
* Reset Zoom
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    Hunter Jungling - avatar
  • Hunter Jungling


  • 165 天前
  • Wish I could bypass the ctrl or alt thing. I don't want to have to use ctrl or alt for all my hotkeys.
  • Leslie King - avatar
  • Leslie King


  • 2018年07月26日
  • As always, great stuff from Mr. Pope!
  • Eric Johnson - avatar
  • Eric Johnson


  • 2018年04月16日
  • Awesome. Wish it had a shortcut for scrolling the page.
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