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World Clocks widget with TimeZone. Displayed up to six clocks for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

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To enable this widget and get more features you need to install FVD Speed Dial.

or directly from Google Webstore:

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Alo, check out our widgets catalog:

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    Andrew Cail Berkhausen - avatar
  • Andrew Cail Berkhausen


  • 2018年05月20日
  • 1 star: bad UX/UI. wasted 19 minutes trying to figure out how to get it to open/configure and couldn't get it... I don't consider myself an idiot, either. Not worth the effort. Kind Regards.
  • Dr. Spies - avatar
  • Dr. Spies


  • 2016年10月22日
  • It has the potential to be a good application, if I could ever get to open so that I could see the clocks. I would just have to see how they worked to improve my rating of it, but as of now, nothing that I do will get these clocks to display. I can click, double-click. bu I have yet to get it to work. In my mind, any application or display that is so complicated that it never works as represented in the app description is worse than useless because it results in a potential user becoming frustrated, and to waste their time trying to accomplish a task that obviously must require detailed instructions as to how to make if function as represented. This could have been avoided, and the product would have received a higher rating if there were some easily found, detailed and specific enough for a user to accomplish the goal of downloading it, that being for it so simply work after the user had followed the (currently non-existent instuctions)
  • Gavin Thornton - avatar
  • Gavin Thornton


  • 2016年04月16日
  • AM/PM isn't displayed with the analogue clocks???!
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