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gInfinity extends your favorite search engine Google with infinite scroll. Scroll down to the bottom of the search result and the following 20 search results are automatically added to the search result.

If you experience any problems using the extension, please report them here:

New in version 2.4:
- Removed ads.
- Upgraded to manifest version 2.
- Removed color picker. Now build into chrome.

New in version 2.3:
- New option to show color picker on input elements of type color.
- Background color showing result of ping now configurable.
- Ping now works on all input elements and not only those of type url.
- Shows a welcome message with choice to disable ads on install.
- Add preview arrow to results on fetched pages.

New in version 2.2:
- URL fields now automatically validate the inputted URL by doing a ping.
- AutoTab and Linkifier now enabled as default for new users.

New in version 2.1:
- Video, image and left thumbs now loaded when scrolling down.
- Progress indicator while loading new pages.
- Different colors for each digit in page number.

New in version 2.0:
- New options page.
- Added shadow on paging headers to make it look more like the Google logo.
- Added option to change or set focus on a specified input element when visiting a website.
- Added option to linkify all url's not already clickable. Option is disabled as default.
- Added option to automatically tab to next input element, when max length is reached in input elements. Option is disabled as default.
- Added option to disable ads used to finance further development of gInfinity.
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    Darryl Rubarth - avatar
  • Darryl Rubarth


  • 2018年12月31日
  • Works great on Google. Has problems on when you're browsing Deals.
  • Jesrel Angot - avatar
  • Jesrel Angot


  • 2017年04月18日
  • It helps me to make easy to my task.
  • Nattakorn Leardthanapaichit - avatar
  • Nattakorn Leardthanapaichit


  • 2016年06月25日
  • In some situation, this extension is not work. For example, when I search using omnibox, click some link on the page then scroll around that page. After that comeback to searched page. This extension will not work.
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