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We all hate those long auto-generated links that we see every day. So I made this simple extension to easily shorten those links and making sharing things a breeze.

 * Simple icon to click to shorten tab's url
 * Context menu to shorten page, image, link, selection, video or even audio urls
 * Urly keyword in the omnibox to shorten any url you want
 * NEW: You can now block shortened links and redirect to info page instead!
 * NEW: Chromerly now supports Web Intents!

If you want to know exactly how this extension works, take a look at the source code! This is an open source project.
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  • 2017年01月19日
  • Shortens URLs, open source code on github - works well but Twitter blocks tweets when using this for short codes.
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  • Nuno Freitas


  • 2011年11月01日
  • Really good extension. I would prefer if the desktop notification would go away after a couple of seconds (or be configurable at least). Now I have to do one extra step to close the notification, because I don't use the QR code.
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