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Rule AdBlocker is a lite extension that let you easily block ads, and all unwanted contents with regular expression matching.

Simply write a desired blocking rule and then reload the page to see blocked ads in the browser console. By default, there are 28 rules available in toolbar popup. You can add, edit or remove these rules at any time. Moreover, you can easily specify which resource type needs to be blocked by regular expression rules.

There are 13 resource types that are constantly monitored with this addon. By default, 10 types are marked in toolbar popup. There is also an ON|OFF switch in the popup (top left corner) to enable you activate or deactivate this addon.

Note 1: when you first install the addon, it is turn OFF. Please open toolbar popup UI, make desired changes and then turn the addon ON.

Note 2: please write blocking rules in regular expression format. If you are not familiar with regular expressions, please visit this ( page to get more info about regular expressions.
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