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   * [NEW] Shows owned/wishlisted game in the Humble Bundle Store and Search pages
   * Shows owned/wishlisted keys in your Humble Bundle library (

Besides looking through every one of your steam games, searching for a specific game to see if you own it or not, there is no way of determining if a bundle you're about to get on has games in your Steam library.  Although it may be cheap, spending money on a 10-game bundle where you owned 9 of the games always makes me frustrated, so I created this extension!  This will gray-out any game you own on Steam that is on any of the weekly bundles to let you know if you own the game or not.

There will be a new extension icon in Chrome.  Click on that to input your 64bit SteamID or steam profile name (NOT nickname) if you have set your URL.  Click "Save" and you're done!  This information can be found in your profile URL "" or ""

Humble Bundle uses a different naming format than Steam does for some games, but I will try to keep the alias file as up to date as possible whenever new bundles come out or new games are added to a bundle.  If you see that games aren't showing up in a bundle, don't hesitate to contact me!  The extension currently doesn't support steam DLC collections (Season Pass, Master Collection, Collector's Edition, etc.).

   * Added support for the Humble Bundle Store and Search pages
   * Fixed for new Humble Bundle keys layout
   * Fixed single quote in game title issues

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    David Barnett - avatar
  • David Barnett


  • 164 days ago
  • Doesn't seem to work, tried it on the Humble store, bundles and my key library (there it greyed out 4 games before dying). Real pitty as this is exactly what I need, will keep it for a while and see if it maybe fires up again.
  • Shawn Graven - avatar
  • Shawn Graven


  • Apr 15, 2017
  • Does not work with custom ids
  • Bleys Birt - avatar
  • Bleys Birt


  • Mar 18, 2017
  • This is amazingly helpful! The only thing I do wish to point out is that it doesn't handle titles with a "'" (single quote) in them - e.g. "Sid Meier's Civilization V" I don't suppose you take pull requests?
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