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Samsung Sync is reborn as Samsung Internet with more ease of use, better performance and higher stability.
Samsung Internet Chrome Extension lets you easily share your bookmarks across Chrome Desktop and Samsung Internet for Android using
your Samsung Account. The extension is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Synced bookmarks are stored in Samsung's secure Samsung Cloud storage.
By installing the extension, you will immediately be able to open your Samsung Internet for Android bookmarks from Chrome Desktop. Chrome
Desktop bookmarks can be synced into Samsung Account with the [more] > [Import Chrome bookmarks] menu.

How to open Samsung Internet for Android bookmarks on Chrome Desktop:
• Click on the Samsung Internet icon next to the URL bar. 
• Login to Samsung Account to view your Samsung Internet Android bookmarks.
• To sync bookmarks, click the refresh button at top of extension.
• The extension will also provide the periodic syncs to keep your bookmarks updated.

How to open Chrome Desktop bookmarks on Samsung Internet for Android:
• [More] > [Import Chrome bookmarks] in the Samsung Internet Chrome Extension.
• On your Galaxy device, go to [Settings] > [Cloud and accounts] > [Samsung Cloud] > Turn on [Samsung Internet] in [Data to Sync]
(detailed menu tree might differ)
• Now you will find your Chrome desktop bookmarks in the bookmark menu on Samsung Internet on your Galaxy device.

What's New
• New user interface with similar look and feel to Samsung Internet for Android.
• Visual update of synchronization progress
• Improved bookmark management - create, edit, delete and move bookmarks & folders in Samsung account right from the extension.
• Right click bookmark items to open or edit. 
• Easily bookmark the opened page with the floating menu, or Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Y.
• [Import Chrome Bookmarks] supports two modes;
• Replace: Clears existing bookmarks that were imported from Chrome and creates a fresh copy of your Chrome bookmarks. 
• Add: Simply adds new bookmarks to the existing list of bookmarks that were imported from Chrome.
• Bookmarks imported from Chrome Desktop can be edited and deleted from Samsung Internet on Galaxy devices.
• Significant improvements in performance, especially during login with many bookmarks. 
All feedback – bug reports or feature suggestions – are appreciated.

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    Adrian La-Garde - avatar
  • Adrian La-Garde


  • Oct 30, 2018
  • Nice concept but doesn't really work. Doesn't always sync changes made on phone, even when forcing a sync. But what makes it totallyunusable is that the folder structure on the phone is completely ignored and it just syncs one long flat list of all bookmarks. It's a shame it doesn't work as the browser is great on the phone but I wanted to use my bookmarks in Chrome too. Unfortunately the phone browser can't export bookmarks so can't import manually into Chrome either.
  • Spencer McClendon - avatar
  • Spencer McClendon


  • Sep 24, 2018
  • The only problem I have with this extension is that it doesn't automatically sync on Chrome. I have to go in and manually do it. It work as intended otherwise.
  • 김주진 - avatar
  • 김주진


  • Aug 25, 2018
  • Doesn't work. Sometimes cannot log in, only white black screen with endless indicator. Or sometimes I can try to log in, but after log in there are some unknown json data is shown(access token or something) and that's all.
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