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AeroLeads Email, Phone Number, Prospect and lead Finder chrome plugin find business emails, direct phone numbers, company phone numbers, company address, B2B Data and possible leads from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList, GitHub, Google etc and allows you to add Prospects to with 1 Click. 

**What data you can find with AeroLeads**
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Business Email of the person
4. Direct phone number of the person
5. Business phone number of company
6. Title (Designation)
7. Company Name
8. Company address
9. Company URL
10. Social Media Profile
11. Company generic emails (like contact, info etc)

The emails, phone numbers, prospect and contact details can be transferred to HubSpot, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, SalesForce, Zoho, FreshSales, Insightly, Zapier and many other CRMs too.

For feature request and any assistance, please contact us through chat or email us at "hello at"

**How to use AeroLeads**

1. Sign up to AeroLeads
2. Install this chrome plugin
3. Go to linkedIn search and search by entering your filters like location, industry etc.
4. You will see a widget on right hand side, add the relevant profiles by clicking on "Add" button.
5. You will be able to see all the data along with business emails and business phone numbers of these profiles on default prospects page at


1, Is the plugin Free?
Yes. Though it works closely with AeroLeads software so you do need to sign up to it. 

2. If the Plugin is FREE, why it is showing me "Upgrade to see" phone number and emails
AeroLeads software comes with free software trial where you can add few records to test the software. The plugin is free and will allow you to add those records. It may show "Upgrade to see" email or phone number message, you can ignore it in your free trial as you can still add records for free.

3. Where are the records getting added?
To your default list 

4. I am still not sure how it works?
Please check this page to see how the software + plugin work. You are always welcome to use website chat or email us too.
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    Mr. Luo - avatar
  • Mr. Luo


  • 110 天前
  • This is a very good softwear, I like it. Very useful
  • Priyanka Panicker - avatar
  • Priyanka Panicker


  • 2018年02月14日
  • Easy, efficient and reasonable tool for generating relevant prospects. Highly recommended to all.
  • lokesh kuladeep - avatar
  • lokesh kuladeep


  • 2018年02月07日
  • Great tool! now it's very easy to find prospect using this awesome tool. I am using AeroLeads from last 9 months and it really help me a lot. so I highly recommended Aeroleads to all my Marketing friends.
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