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uBlocker - remove ads on every site.

Trying to find a solution to block ads? Our product removes all advertisement on each website you visit including pre-roll video ad, text & banner ad. Lightweight, but effective ad blocker utility stop ads on Youtube, Facebook and many other popular websites. Install adblock right now and completely forget about ad.

Our useful features:
- block ads on all website, including the most popular Youtube and facebook 
- block text advertisement, banners, video ads and flash ads
- block ad before downloading and not just removed ads after its downloading 

The most advanced ad blocker stops popup, text ads, malware and tracking! Blocks all ads across the web. Save your time and improve browser speed with our uBlocker. 

Click "add to chrome" button and enjoy browser surfing without advertisement.

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    Girish S - avatar
  • Girish S


  • 116 days ago
  • best way to remove bwplayer ads...
  • Ella Birch - avatar
  • Ella Birch


  • 133 days ago
  • Amazing works on all websites, daily motion and any websites that usually bombard you with ads and redirects. Was skeptical at first of how it could work, however very impressed and would recommend.
  • Anthony Berrington - avatar
  • Anthony Berrington


  • 133 days ago
  • best ad blocker out there and it's free! I recommend to all.
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