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[TLDR] This extension aims to help Solr developers and users with queries. 
You can modify Solr queries, execute, debug and, very important, see the explain in a crystal clear format.

Solr queries are full of short parameters, hard to read and modify, especially when the parameters are too many.
And after all this, it is even harder to debug and understand why a document is more or less relevant than another. 
The Solr debug explain output is a three too big to fit in one page. 
Finally, in real world Solr queries are often generated by applications so it is really painful try to execute them.

This plugin offers the ability to execute the queries and show the output in a human readable format.
Parameters, documents, facets, debug, explain are well organised and structured.
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    Nick Raphael - avatar
  • Nick Raphael


  • 85 days ago
  • I have gotten a lot of use from this extension. I would like to use it more deeply. But the queries I am trying to debug are pretty complex and in such cases the Document tab does not work at all. I have looked at the code and I could sort through it, but I wonder if you have any suggestions for how to approach debugging it. Perhaps even some documentation :-) ? I suppose I need the Ext IDE ...? or can I get by without it and in fact just ignore the Ext in general? Thanks,.
  • Alessandro Benedetti - avatar
  • Alessandro Benedetti


  • Jun 02, 2017
  • Great work ! it makes much easier to pretty print Solr Json response. Amazing for Solr debug purpose!
  • Leonardo Foderaro - avatar
  • Leonardo Foderaro


  • Jul 25, 2016
  • Very useful tool to better understand your Solr queries. For more information: Thank you!
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