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If you're looking for a proper solution to block porn, adult and other unwanted websites - You've reached the right place.

Our extension, "Adult Website Blocker | Porn Blocker", will help you with your parental control efforts by giving you multiple options defending you, your kids and beloved one online.
Main features of Adult Website Blocker | Porn Blocker product - 
* Set a secret password only you know about. The password is needed every time you want to add or remove a website
* A ready blacklist of pornsites already included in the settings once installing the Adult Website Blocker | Porn Blocker extension (you can edit this list anytime)
* You can also add a domain/website/page to the blacklist by visiting this page and clicking on the extension icon. Click on "Block this domain" button to do so.
* Nobody will ever be able to add or remove a website without your personal password

>>> Please note that you can use this extension as a regualr website blocker as well, not only for adult and porn websites <<<

For more details and questions, please send us an email to

To remove our Adult Website Blocker | Porn Blocker product, just follow the next steps:
1) Enter chrome://extensions page 
2) Find and locate our Adult Website Blocker | Porn Blocker extension icon
3) Click the "remove" button
4) That's about it, we're out.

We would like to thank you for installing our Website Blocker extension. We hope we will make you feel protected online, blocking your kids from accessing unwanted websites such as porn, hate and gambling and protecting them online.

Changes log - 
* Version 1.0.2 - Fixed bug of functionality failure once the browser was closed / terminated
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    Carlson Vernon - avatar
  • Carlson Vernon


  • 42 days ago
  • **EDIT** **After reviewing the comments, the geofoxip issue seems to be purposeful. Rating revised to one star. DO NOT USE THIS EXTENSION** Found the extension incredibly useful for blocking porn sites, but also for distracting sites. However, the extension developed (developed? It started after using the extension for a few months) a ad virus that adds ad links to every google search by redirecting you to "". This problem only exists when the extension is running. I would love to continue to use "Adult Website Blocker" but the virus has forced me to turn it off. I don't know if other users have experienced this, or if it is directly linked to AWB, so understand that this was just my experience. If you develop the same issue, disabling the extension solves it. I give this extension three stars because despite AWB being efficient, simple and effective, the geofoxip issue is a problem.
  • Chen VinC - avatar
  • Chen VinC


  • 62 days ago
  • WARNING As several other users reported recently. This extension might redirect to, a google mimic. Intentional or not, this extension is unreliable. 2019/06/18
  • Henrik Svensson - avatar
  • Henrik Svensson


  • 71 days ago
  • Worked well in the beginning, however as other have mentioned it now redirects into So do NOT use this!
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