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Download fast and free any online music from your favourite websites with this free Music Downloader.

No more delays listening to music online, the evolution of downloaders has come! The extension is very easy to use. You only need to click on the icon of the extension in your Chrome browser and within seconds you will begin to download the music to your PC. You can also put together a list of your favorite musics, to download or if you already downloaded, to play them whenever you want.

The extension is completely free, safe, fast and easy to add to chrome browser.

Why to install Flash Music Downloader:

- Build your list of favorite music to listen them at anytime.
- Easy, fast, safe and light!.
- You can download multiple music compositions simultaneously.
- You don't need to listen the music online, you can now download all to your computer!.

Thanks for trying our extension and we hope you find it useful.

*** *  Version 1.0.3  ****
fixed download bug on some websites.
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    Savu Dan - avatar
  • Savu Dan


  • 156 天前
  • Love it, the only one i found that works. Not the only one, the first out of 5 :)
  • Erich Auttenberg - avatar
  • Erich Auttenberg


  • 2019年02月09日
  • I am happy with this app and this exceeds my expectations
  • Melissa Benson - avatar
  • Melissa Benson


  • 2019年02月04日
  • i have downloaded many extensions for the purpose of downloading msuic from deezer,this one works the best 1 i will be removing the rest shortly if this one continues to behave well! Job well done!s
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