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For Perks Customers: Notifies you when you visit a site that currently offers a perk on Get a helpful reminder whenever you visit a site that has perks on Fond. Simply log in to Fond through the extension and a Fond reminder banner will appear on any site that has a perk. Redeem the perk first before buying!

For Rewards Customers: Allows you to send recognition to employees from within Gmail. Hover over a name within an email thread to send coworkers AnyPerk Rewards points straight from Gmail! 

This extension is intended for registered users of - a valid login is required for access to discounts, special benefits, and more.
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    James Preston - avatar
  • James Preston


  • 2018年02月07日
  • Adds a sidebar to gmail that you can't remove and wastes a ton of screen real estate. Uninstalling...
  • Kyle Jackson - avatar
  • Kyle Jackson


  • 2016年12月22日
  • Let me turn off gmail sidebar! Not cool. I like the general browser function but will be uninstalling shortly if I cant turn off or hide the gmail function which appeared out of no where. Also i can't log into the gmail side-bar with my normal work SSO login that i use for anyperk. So its useless and in my way.
  • Becka Dente - avatar
  • Becka Dente


  • 2016年12月20日
  • Was working great & then stopped recognizing my login credentials (verified that they are working via direct login). Also, hate that I can't turn off the gmail part.
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