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b.lock, the only password manager that is ultilizing blockchain technology, keeping your passwords and secret information more secure than ever.

The blockchain, secure, decentralised and encrypted, proves to be the perfect solution to storing all your usernames, passwords and secret information. Once your usernames and passwords have been encrypted and saved on b.lock, it will sync them wherever you need them.

Saves More than passwords:
- Stores secret notes that can include confidential notes, your 12-word key or information to retrieve accounts that are a hassle to remember. 

Do everything within the extension:
- No need to link to another external page for a dashboard. The extension is your dashboard.

Send Transactions:
- Besides being a password manager, b.lock acts as a Nebulas wallet where you can store and send your Nebulas coins as well. Now you no longer need to open up more tabs just to send a simple transaction.

Secure, decentralised and encrypted:
- All information are encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm with using your own Nebulas private key, before being stored on the Nebulas blockchain. Since they are encrypted with your own private key, you are the only one who can unlocks and see your passwords and confidential notes. Storing your information on the blockchain will keep worries of leaks, hacks and selling of your precious sensitive information at bay. 

With b.lock, you will never fill in another “forget my password” form only to receive emails that make you go through an arduous process of resetting your account information. All your passwords are even autofilled, reducing the effort needed to log into any page.

We are also giving free Nebulas coins (NAS) to kickstart your journey with b.lock.

Get b.lock now for Google Chrome. 
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    Vipul Jain - avatar
  • Vipul Jain


  • 2018年06月28日
  • Its amazing to finally find this extension on blockchain. Security and trust which are vital features of blockchain are used for managing passwords and secrets which completely make sense. Its good to know that your passwords are not stored and managed by one company; you possibly trust.
  • Kenneth Khoo - avatar
  • Kenneth Khoo


  • 2018年06月27日
  • Feel that my data is safe and secure using decentralized storage. No more worries about people hacking centralized databases for my information!
  • Vu Nguyen - avatar
  • Vu Nguyen


  • 2018年06月25日
  • It's easy to use and I feel safe knowing that only I can unlock all my saved passwords
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