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Listening to the web is easy! Use text-to-speech for reading, writing and studying. 

Whether for school, work, or home, having text read out loud in a natural sounding voice while following along with highlighted text improves comprehension and allows you to consume content as you prefer. Just select, click and listen and ReadSpeaker TextAid for Chrome™ allows you to listen to web pages, Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online pages. Even listen as you write. 

ReadSpeaker TextAid for Chrome enables a toolbox* giving you text-to-speech capabilities such as:

- Listening to web pages, Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online pages.
- Listening as you follow along with the highlighted text
- Reading selected sections or entire pages
- Writing assistance tools
- Personalized settings for highlighting, reading speed, color combinations
- User friendly interface 
- Available in American, British and Australian English, Dutch, French German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

*Please make sure that you are logged into your ReadSpeaker TextAid account. 

Haven’t got a ReadSpeaker TextAid subscription? Go to and sign up for a free trial.
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    Nizar - avatar
  • Nizar


  • 2018年10月18日
  • Overall: Great product but unfortunately very limited. Text to speech: Very easy to listen to and has great flow. It doesn't seem to struggle much with reading punctuated acronyms as other available solutions. Utility: Works well with a all web pages and content types, as long as it is text of course, that I have tried. Registration: Requires an account to to use. Neither sign in with Google nor Microsoft accounts worked for me. The sign in page didn't link to any account registration page or form at the time of writing this. However, a quick Google search solved the issue and I was automatically logged in to the extension after confirming the email that I registered my new account with. Interaction: The utility becomes available as a small and movable dialog box overlay, after activating by clicking on the extension icon, and all the functionalities and configurations are placed within it. Limitations: The extension doesn't start reading out loud automatically upon activation, nor does it seem to remember it's last used position on the screen.The text to be read must be selected by the user before pressing the "Play" or "Listen" button. Once text is selected and the "Play" button is pressed, the extension takes a brief couple of seconds to load and start reading it. However, it only reads the first 130 words of the selected text, which is very unfortunate as I no intention of using it to read out tweets. Pricing: I was offered a free trial upon signing up for the service, October 18, to use it free of charge until November 1 or until I have used it 2000 times, which is a nice offer. Two package options are offered at reasonable prices. The basic package costs for € 49 for 12 months and the complete complete package costs € 89 for 12 months. The complete package adds extra features such as OCR conversion and the ability to download audio and choosing between a few additional voices.
  • Jarno Aantjes - avatar
  • Jarno Aantjes


  • 2018年08月15日
  • Great tool! I use it together with my ReadSpeaker TextAid license, and the TextAid for Chrome extension lets me listen to my Google Docs & WordOnline files with the click of a button, I love it!
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