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It can play, pause, go to next or previous songs on all supported sites.

Comes in handy when someone sends you, say, a Youtube video link and you happen to be listening to Spotify at the moment - just hit the appropriate button to pause Spotify without need to switch through the tabs. When you are done with that funny YT cats compilation video, you can simply resume your music :)

It is also open source:

Supported sites:
- Youtube
- Spotify
- SoundCloud
- Mixcloud
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    Cinzel Cinzel - avatar
  • Cinzel Cinzel


  • 135 天前
  • Does not work with embed links. On Youtube there is a part in the URL that contains "watch". Replace that word with the word "embed" and replace the 3 characters "?v=" by "/". Now it opens the youtube video fullscreen without all related videos and comments, just the fullscreen video. This is also the way Youtube videos are embedded, using embed/ in the link instead of watch?v=. Unfortunately not any Youtube video on an embed link works with this extension. If you add this functionality I will rate it 5 stars if everything works.
  • Vocktile - avatar
  • Vocktile


  • 2018年06月22日
  • This is just what I have been looking for, an actual remote for YouTube that can be used across all open tabs and widows. I love it. How is There Only 48 users, This is the only remote that contains such amazement like: -Uses no large Video pop ups -Has a Previous & a Next button -Has a Refresh. (useful when my internet crashes causing the video to need to be reloaded) -Can Be used over Separate windows. -Has a modern yet simple style. Can close the playing window. -Can Also be used on a small number of other listed sites. - Bug: underneath text does not display the name of what is playing for YouTube I have no idea if this applies to the other music sites. But is is fun to rename the underneath text just like we use to be able to back on google new tab page. Currently when you load the extension all it displays under whatever is playing is the text [To Fill] Sugestions: -Black background option for dark themes. (slider bar [(ON( )] [( )OFF)] -Volume Adjuster. ([+]70%[-]) -Real time Video duration (00:43/03:56)
  • Thi Hoang - avatar
  • Thi Hoang


  • 2016年06月26日
  • great extension, highly recommended!
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