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  • Last Update : Jun 01, 2019
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Free version limit: 250 images per board.
You can get full version without limitations for 1.99$ only.

Pinterest supported pages:
      - Boards
      - Board sections
      - Main feed page
      - Search pages
      - Self-owned pins
      - Related pins
      - Source (domain) pages
      - Categories & topics pages
      - Following feed

Behance supported pages:
      - simple gallery page
      - artist projects page
      - artist collection page
      - artist appreciated page
      - behance search pages
      - behance featured
      - behance galleries

Follow chrome-extension://hojoabneemdhaakgfkmiaeafjjlcaebp/install.html
or write a bug.

Use link

PinDown supports for now:

Mini FAQ:
Q: "Server error" when downloading images.
A: You are using FriGate proxy extension or something like that. There is some problems with that extension when downloading images. Try to using Browsec.

Q: PinDown icon says "PinDown -not active-".
A: Try to reload page (F5).
Check page status at bottom: if you see the text "Waiting for awailable socket..." - you must restart browser or system (your system has no free sockets for browser -> site can't load -> extension waiting for site and busy

Q: Board pin number is 156 but folder with images contains only 145. Why?
A: Some boards have pin duplicates and will not be saved.

Privacy Policy:

PinDown is not related to image authors, does not store, does not cache, does not transfer these images anywhere besides Chrome Browser.

Please remember that any image has its own author!
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    Terrina Pieck - avatar
  • Terrina Pieck


  • Oct 07, 2018
  • Bought the paid subscription and it deleted every single pin I had. Not sure what happened but beware before using this extension!
  • Simone Gillespie - avatar
  • Simone Gillespie


  • Sep 10, 2018
  • This is a good app, unfortunately trying to find a link or even connecting to a payment page to get the full extension is a nightmare. I need more than 250 images and have been trying to pay and there is NO LINK and when you click to get the paid version that is a dead end too. Gonna look elsewhere for some software, its a shame really. I have google payments and everything it just will not LET ME PAY! BIZARRE!
  • Arvin Asad - avatar
  • Arvin Asad


  • Aug 17, 2018
  • Love it! Great time saver and work perfectly. If you have any problem using it, read the FAQ on the description. You need to open the board before downloading any images, otherwise the icon will become grey with dots.
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