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Automatically alert the user when a foreign domain is entered into the to, cc or bcc fields.
Supports only Gmail currently.

Designed purpose is for enterprise gmail use, where you may want warnings against accidentally adding people outside of your current domain.
Currently three basic levels: Safe, Caution, Warn

Safe (Default Green)- All addresses are in your current domain. IE, if you are emailing from an address, all your targets are also in the

Caution (Default Yellow) - There is at least one foreign domain in your address list.

Warn (Default Red) - There are at least 2 or more foreign domains in your address list.

At this time this extension does not track the amount of foreign addresses of a certain domain or have any exception rules. IE, it does not warn you HOW MANY of the same foreign domains are in your address list.

Recent Changes:

Added support for multiple email windows, previously this broke the extension. Now handles each email window independently.

Added ability for user to select their own level colors. Default is Green, Yellow, Red.
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    Robert McShane - avatar
  • Robert McShane


  • 2017年10月16日
  • I really like this Extension. Better than the others I've tried
  • Raymond Byrne - avatar
  • Raymond Byrne


  • 2017年10月05日
  • Nice extension to help avoid misaddressing sensitive email. Customizable colors too.
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