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Access the powerful, flexible features of Zipwhip’s texting-for-business software directly from your CRM or any web app with the Zipwhip Extension for Google Chrome. Send and receive text messages using your existing business phone number, create and edit contacts and view all conversations without disrupting your workflow. Zipwhip makes texting customers fast, easy and convenient.  

Continue a text conversation or start a new one

• Send text messages using your existing business landline, VoIP or toll-free number 
• Utilize powerful features such as attachments, emojis, templates, dynamic fields, signatures and schedule texts 
• All messages synched across Zipwhip’s web, desktop and mobile apps 
• Optional phone number auto-detection allows you to send a text message to any number on a web page with a single click  

Create, edit and view contact details

• Update contact information in seconds 
• Assign contact details to a new conversation 

Auto-fill contacts and send ad-hoc group messages

• Access your saved Zipwhip contacts 
• Send group messages to up to 50 BCC’d contacts 

View all conversations by contact

• Manage existing text conversations 
• See unread messages

*** NOTE:  You must have a Zipwhip account to use this Chrome Extension. To create an account, please visit If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at *** 
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    Slava Seligman - avatar
  • Slava Seligman


  • 132 天前
  • Great extension. Saw some reviews recently about login issues, can't say I've ever seen anything of the sort.
  • Michelle Alvarado - avatar
  • Michelle Alvarado


  • 2019年03月22日
  • Zipwhip is awesome.. I took the Zipwhip 2.0 Webinar and the new things they have coming look just amazing. I am excited to test it out!
  • Gorana Edwards - avatar
  • Gorana Edwards


  • 2018年08月17日
  • My work integrated ZipWhip with Bullhorn but it doesn't note the system when texting. I have to keep messing with googlechrome extensions extension uninstalling and installing it to just stay working. I have to do this on weekly basis and its frustrating. Will you update on whats going on?
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