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ChromeLens is a Google Chrome extension that provides a suite of tools to help with web accessibility development.

- Lens (Vision Simulator)
  Interact with a website as a completely/partially blind or a colorblind person.

- Accessibility Audit
  Run a website through an series of accessibility rules and easily discover elements in your website that do not comply with them.

- Tab-tracker
  Key website features should be navigable solely via the keyboard (tab button), while not making the user jump through hoops to get to a feature. With the tab-tracker, you can visually track the flow of navigation through a website.

Open sourced at
Built during greylockhackfest 2016
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    Laurence Lewis - avatar
  • Laurence Lewis


  • 2019年03月04日
  • May have been useful, however it reflects ARIA 1.0 which was superseded by 1.1 some reporting is wrong. Case in point it does not recognize aria-current="page"
  • Alec Ostheimer - avatar
  • Alec Ostheimer


  • 2018年02月17日
  • Great Work. I love it. Only annoying thing is that you are not able to clear the lines from the tracing the tabs. If you could add that feature that would be much appreciated.
  • Nishita Wojnar - avatar
  • Nishita Wojnar


  • 2016年07月27日
  • This is an excellent addition to the existing DevTools within Chrome. Unlike third party products and services (e.g. Photoshop), it covers a greater range of visual disabilities. I consider this extension a must for front-end web developers and designers. It's a great way of testing accessibility. Note to all users who are considering downloading this extension: - Although the extension icon appears at the top of the browser, once added, it can only be accessed from "DevTools" (Ctrl + Shift + I).
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