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TabTab Search : Life is too short, Tabs too many. Search, don't click!

This extension lets you instead search through your opened tabs to jumb directly to the one you need right now.

It's a [search engine]( associated with the 'tab' keyword.

In practice, you enter `tab` in Chrome's address bar, then the <TAB> key, then a keyword which is part of the URL or website's name you are looking for

You have bugs, issues, source code, pull requests ? Go here

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You are a also a Mozilla Firefox user ?
Good news, **%**keyword, inclueded by default, does the same thing

Why and How you can use this Chrome Extension

Scenario : you begin to browse the web with Chrome for a while ; soon you need to go back to *that* tab but there are too many tabs to find quickly exactly the one you need. Sound familiar ? We know we have been there.

Don't worry, to solve this *too many tabs* problem, there are a lot of complicated extensions that promise you that you will be able to work with hundreds of tabs : *Too Many Tabs, Tabs Outliner, Bookmark My Tabs, One Tab, TabMan Tabs Manger, Tab Manager, Project Tab Manger, 10+Tabs MASTER →Fast Speed Scroll w/LATER Tab, Resolver Tabs, Tab out, TabJump, TabCaroussel, IE Tab Multi*

Or you can use this chrome extension, but I'm a bit ashamed to say that it is *really simple* campared to all those sophisticated extensions.

The only thing it does is that when you enter in Chrome's Omnibox **"tab<tab>"** followed by **<one or many search term>**, it will display a list of all open tabs that contains those search terms.

Upon pressing enter, the extension will select the first match and switch to
that tab, so one need not type press down if the first match is desired.
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    徐冬宏 - avatar
  • 徐冬宏


  • 2017年11月27日
  • Hope to support Chinese someday,
  • Weil Lu - avatar
  • Weil Lu


  • 2017年06月12日
  • Now all I need is a tool to manage my search engines. The built-in search manager in chrome settings is not fluent especially when where is too many engines. Chrome will collect all the search urls automatically make it worse -_-||.
  • Abijah Perkins - avatar
  • Abijah Perkins


  • 2018年03月01日
  • Perfect. Preserves the existing URL upon completion of search. Use Ctrl-l to avoid involving the mouse, or Ctrl-t for a new tab which will disappear after search. Brilliant!
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