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!!!This is an unofficial Chocolatey Chrome Extension!!!

How to use this extension:
- Click on the top right Chocolatey Chrome Extension symbol in Chrome, type a name in the textbox and click "Add" to add a new list.
- Once created, the list will show up in the dropdown menu and also be synced with your Google account (if you are using one)
- Again click the right choco symbol and click "Choclatey Packages"
- Now start ticking some of your favourite apps
- Once your done, click the choco symbol and select "Download"
- This will download a ZIP-File containing two .cmd and .ps1 script-files
- Extract the ZIP and run the Install.cmd to start the installation process
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    Joshua Lackey - avatar
  • Joshua Lackey


  • Apr 03, 2017
  • This extension is well-designed makes it easy to select and install multiple packages from the package gallery. The extension gives you two ways to install what you has on a list. First is simply copy and paste from the extension to the command line. It adds all the package names to a choco install command. The second is to download a zip file that contains an Install.cmd you can just click and run to do it for you. As a bonus, it even offers to schedule and auto-update task for you! Every feature worked as expected for me. I had none of the problems the other reviewer was experiencing.
  • Live for Technology - avatar
  • Live for Technology


  • Feb 10, 2017
  • At first I loved this. Right up until after wasting time for WEEKS believing as I checked off my Choco packages, that it continued to work and add them to the list I previously created. Boy, was I wrong. The list (only a single one) still exists and no matter what I do, I can continually test and despite no other changes checking off no longer makes ANY noticeable changes and/or adds to the list. What's worse, it turns out the darn lists you create appear to apparently be ONLY GOOD PER SESSION. Like single browser session. Once a single browser session completes and it is closed, forget ever adding to that list again. So, I lost literally over a hundred flagged packages that I now have to go waste my time to re-review/test. I will never rely on this extension as it is written today again. Uninstalled and will write my own.