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This is the legacy DejaClick recorder for Chrome.  Our new version can be found here:  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alertsite-dejaclick/ojfkmicbmffjjngfjffgiioghbkbcjdi

AlertSite DejaClick is a completely built-into-the-browser, point and click tool that enables you to record and play back single and multi-step web transactions.

DejaClick can easily record and play back today's complex website interactions including AJAX, clicks, submits, inputs, focus, and hover user events. After recording, execute your most common Web tasks with a single click. 

AlertSite DejaClick makes building your Web transactions simple with features including:

POINT-AND-CLICK RECORDING: Scripts are created automatically by recording mouse clicks and website navigation an interaction — enabling anyone to create single and multi-step Web recordings. 

ADAPTIVE PLAYBACK: DejaClick automatically detects and adjusts for the dynamic features of RIAs, Javascript, forms and user pauses when playing back your recorded script. Proprietary algorithms ensure the correct identification of page elements for accurate playback when searching for user events.

GLOBAL TRANSACTION MONITORING: DejaClick scripts can continuously test and measure real-browser web performance and user experience when combined with AlertSite's global monitoring network to provide complete end-to-end application monitoring. Registering for an AlertSite account also enables Test On-Demand — enabling you to instantly test your DejaClick scripts on select remote servers. Watch your scripts execute, screen-by-screen, and gain access to performance details.
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    David - avatar
  • David


  • 2018年08月09日
  • Gave it 2 stars as it works BUT there is no looping! Without looping the click actions this extension is pointless. The whole point is to replicate clicks, not just a single loop but as many (set a number) as you want.
  • Monica Neumark - avatar
  • Monica Neumark


  • 2017年11月28日
  • Does not work at all. Trying to click a link that opens a modal, and then click something from the modal. The modal does not open when this extension is recording. Simply pathetic.
  • Deexith KK Santhoshi - avatar
  • Deexith KK Santhoshi


  • 2017年02月24日
  • loving it, perfectly meeting my needs.
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