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Struggling with responsive web design issues and pesky CSS bugs?
With devLens, you can make sure the elements of your website are clear and mistake-free. 
You can quickly check out the structure of elements by using this handy tool. Adding devLens to Chrome serves as an extension/alternative to the existing Chrome developer tools.

★ Different Color for every tag
Highlight the tags which you want to search with a different color for each group of tags.

★ Custom box for choosing the desired color and tag
By pressing the Enter Key in the custom box, you can cycle through different material colors until you find the desired one. 

★ Offline webpage support
Whether you’re developing on a server or simply viewing a locally saved webpage, devLens works everywhere.

★ Open to ideas and features
This is the initial release of devLens and I am open to ideas, suggestions and feedback. If you think this tool is helpful for you, please leave a rating and review. I really appreciate it!

This project is open to contribution.
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By installing the extension, you agree that you will use it for development and wherever you want to use it.
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