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This extension allows you to select a word or phrase on a website and to look it up in the LEO dictionary by simply pressing a keyboard shortcut. The dictionary pops up conveniently in the upper right corner inside your browser window. It does not open a new tab or window.

The shortcut defaults to Alt+W, however you can set it to virtually any shortcut in the options page. The language defaults to German - English and can also be configured in the options page.

Available languages are: 
English ⇔ German	
French ⇔ German
Spanish ⇔ German
Italian ⇔ German
Chinese ⇔ German
Russian ⇔ German
Portuguese ⇔ German
Polish ⇔ German

For feature requests and bug reports please contact me at bucjac@gmail.com.

** NOTICE **
For existing users the shortcut changed from Alt+Q to Alt+W. I am sorry if this caused you any inconvenience, however it was necessary as the old shortcut caused a lot of trouble for some users.

** NEW IN VERSION 2.0.2 **
- Now also works with Facebook and GMail

** NEW IN VERSION 2.0.4 **
- Apple Mac users can now use the command key as a part of their shortcut

** NEW IN VERSION 2.1 **
- Open the dictionary by selecting a word and right click.

** NEW IN VERSION 2.3 **
- Bug fixes
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  • 2018年12月27日
  • Window not resizable, content centered in a larger window than the fixed size so I have to scroll every time to find the translation. I did manage to move it so the title bar was hidden under the bookmark bar (so I couldn't close it and couldn't use keyboard commands to move it either) and had to uninstall/reinstall it to get it back. Really handy as a lookup but not very usable.
  • Erik Brewer - avatar
  • Erik Brewer


  • 2017年05月23日
  • Used to be great, as it required no external searches or tabs/windows. Now, the widget just returns a "404 - not found, nginx" error. Doesn't seem to work on any site that I tested. Shame. Edit: Uninstalled the widget, closed chrome completely, oped it again, re-installed, and it works. Great widget
  • Neil Keifer - avatar
  • Neil Keifer


  • 2017年03月23日
  • does not work on http://www.spiegel.de/
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